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By A.S. Brown, H.W. Catling

Published for the viewers and offered on the Ashmolean Museum; from the Neolithic to Medieval and later Cyprus

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But the workmanship is unmistakably Cypriot. Cyprus in Late Cypriot II (fourteenth and thirteenth centuries ac) developed upon a scale that has seldom been repeated. The settlement and cemetery sites already identified throughout the island suggest a very substantial population, with a sharp contrast between urban communities with a strong industrial element in their economy (copper-working, in particular) and rural settlements where a more traditional way of life continued. But even here there was change, for many areas of virtually virgin land (many square miles in the Kormakiti peninsula.

From the Cesnola Collection. HI. 3331. b. Base Ring 1 bowl with wavy band in relier. Late Cypriot I. Given by Sir Leonard Woolley. (rom the Sandwith Collection. D. 0·161 IC. 86]. 25 ANCIENT CYPRUS although evidently abundant copper was available to the smiths; weapons. tools and personal ornaments were of plain design and simple technique (pl. IX). Much pottery continued to be made in the old hand-made traditions of Early and Middle Cypriot times. even though potters in neighbouring countries were almost all using the wheel; wheel-made pottery was imported in appreciable quantities.

Enkomi and Mynou, Pigadhes). At Kalopsidha a house of ten rooms, including storerooms, workshops and a courtyard was uncovered, revealing a very much more sophisticated complex than the simple two-room house from the Early Cypriot III site at Alambra, mentioned above. The Middle Cypriot period does not seem to have been peaceful, to judge both from the profusion of weapons recovered from cemetery sites, and from the fortification of a number of occupation sites. Many of these fortified sites are too far from the coast to suppose that they were built for protection from sea-borne enemies, and it seems probable that the island was disunited for much of the Middle Cypriot period.

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