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This ebook covers research on fractals, a constructing sector of arithmetic that makes a speciality of the dynamical features of fractals, comparable to warmth diffusion on fractals and the vibration of a cloth with fractal constitution. The ebook offers a self-contained creation to the topic, ranging from the elemental geometry of self-similar units and occurring to debate contemporary effects, together with the houses of eigenvalues and eigenfunctions of the Laplacians, and the asymptotical behaviors of warmth kernels on self-similar units. Requiring just a easy wisdom of complicated research, normal topology and degree conception, this publication can be of worth to graduate scholars and researchers in research and chance thought. it's going to even be valuable as a supplementary textual content for graduate classes protecting fractals.

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F. self-similar structure. It gives a sufficient condition for K\VQ to be connected. 9. Let (K,S,{Fi}ies) nite self-similar structure. Assume that, for any p,q G Vb, there exists a homeomorphism g : K —* K such that g(Vo) = Vb and g(p) = q. Then K\Vo is connected. If a connected p. c. f. self-similar structure satisfies the assumption of the above proposition, we say that the self-similar structure is weakly symmetric. To prove the above proposition, we need the following lemmas. 10. 9. Let C be a connected component of K\VQ.

Assume that v(K) < oo and v(I) = 0. // there exists c > 0 such that μ^yj) < cv(Kw) for any w G W*, then μ(A) < cis(A) for any A G M^μ) n M{y). In particular, //(I) = 0. Proof. Let U be an open subset of K. Set W(U) = {w G W* : Kw C U}. For w,v G W(U), we define w > v if and only if Hw D Ev. Then > is a partial order on W(U). If W~*~(U) is the collection of maximal elements in 28 Geometry of Self-Similar Sets W(U) with respect to this order, then U = Uwew+(U)Kw and KWC\KV c X for w ^ v e W+(U). 2, for any A G A4(/x) D M(v), there exists a decreasing sequence of open sets {Ok}k>1 such that A C Ok for any k, μ(^k>lOk) = μ{A) and u(nk>iOk) = v(A).

See, for example, [124] and [158]. 2. Let (X, d) be a metric space and let μ be a Borel regular measure on (X,M). Assume that μ{X) < oo. 3 (Bernoulli measure). Let S be a finite set. M P ), where E = 5 N , p or an w that satisfies μ {Tlw) = pWlpW2 .. -Pwm f V — ^1^2 • • • w m G W*. p This measure μ is called the Bernoulli measure on E with weight p. Remark. In this book, all the measures we will encounter are supposed to be complete unless otherwise stated. Also the Bernoulli measure with weight p is characterized as the unique Borel regular probability measure on E that satisfies μ(A) = Y^piμ(ar\A)) ies for any Borel set A C E.

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