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By Gabriel Altmann, Fan Fengxiang (editors)

This quantity provides 12 papers on a brand new method of the research of writing platforms. For the 1st time, quantitative equipment are brought into this quarter of study in a scientific method. the person contributions supply an summary approximately quantitative homes of symbols and of writing structures, introduce tools of research, examine person writing structures as used for various languages, manage an explanatory version of phenomena attached to script development/evolution, and provides a point of view to a normal conception of writing structures.

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For example, the first in the word LABORATORY is not pronounced in American English; should it be paired with the letter and the phoneme /b/ or the letter with the phoneme /r/? The was finally put together with to become → , or BO:B meaning the grapheme in this word is pronounced as /b/. Another possibility would be to consider as representing nothing, but in that case the analysis would be quite different. The third possibility would be to consider the grapheme as representing the cluster /br/, but in that case the analysis would produce an enormous number of phonemes, clusters and graphemic representations.

This phonemic/graphemic analysis is the anal1. edu/data/anonftp/project/fgdata/ dict/ 26 Fan Fengxiang and Gabriel Altmann Table 1: List of phonemes Phoneme Example Transcription /AA/ /AE/ /AH/ /AO/ /AW/ /AY/ /B/ /CH/ /D/ /DH/ /EH/ /ER/ /EY/ /F/ /G/ /HH/ /IH/ /IY/ /JH/ /K/ /L/ /M/ /N/ /NG/ /OW/ /OY/ /P/ /R/ /S/ /SH/ /T/ /TH/ /UH/ /UW/ /V/ /W/ /Y/ /Z/ odd at hut ought cow hide be cheese dee thee Ed hurt ate fee green he it eat gee key lee me knee ping oat toy pee read sea she tea theta hood two vee we yield zee AA D AE T HH AH T AO T K AW HH AY D B IY CH IY Z D IY DH IY EH D HH ER T EY T F IY G R IY N HH IY IH T IY T JH IY K IY L IY M IY N IY P IH NG OW T T OY P IY R IY D S IY SH IY T IY TH EY T AH HH UH D T UW V IY W IY Y IY L D Z IY Graphemic representation of English phonemes 27 ysis of these 31 591 word types using the pronunciation given by the cmudict.

Or we displace (6) one step to the right, in order to obtain ax−1 , x = 1, 2, 3, . . e. T is identical with (P0 )−1 . 39 Applying (7) to our data we obtain the observed and computed values as given in Table 3. 4796. The result is presented graphically in Figure 1. , while b means the braking mechanism, the balancing force of economy. 200 150 f(x) NP(x) 100 50 0 1 2 3 4 5 Figure 1: Grapheme length distribution: Conway-Maxwell-Poisson distribution (7) 5 Polyphonemics and synophonemics of graphemes In Table 9 we see that a grapheme can represent several phonemes.

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