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I purchased this ebook for a linguistics classification. it's a thoroughly sufficient linguistics textbook.

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B. That e-mail is not my e-mail, but it is your e-mail. The result is awkward, however, and I will suggest that mine and yours are really independent pronouns, not determiners with the noun left out. The other determiners, namely interrogatives, quantifiers, and numerals can occur independently too, as in (48). It will be up to you as the reader to decide whether these are independent pronouns or are really determiners preceding nouns that have been left out: (48) What would be solved if all chose two?

The cute kitten slept soundly; That was not pleasant; He is this very abrasive politician. He is this very abrasive linguist; That computer was extraordinarily irritating; The extremely unpleasant judge was impeached. c. I can see [very well] from here; He went [extremely quickly]; He said that she drove [too fast]. The prepositions are: of, off (unless you consider off road as a compound), as, in, (around is an adverb), in, Off, (of course is one adverb), (to in to get is an infinitive marker), in, of, over, on, including, on, As, and above.

I have a book in my hand. b. I have worked here for 15 years. (39) a. That man is a hard worker. b. That reindeer may be working too hard. (40) a. She did her homework. b. She didn’t sleep at all. Because auxiliaries help other verbs (except when they are main verbs as in (38)), they cannot occur on their own. Thus, (41) is ungrammatical: (41) *I must a book. 3 Coordinator (C) and Complementizer (C) In this section, we discuss two categories that join other words or phrases. Coordinators are relatively simple and join similar categories or phrases.

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