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Ampoule, /. bulb; bulbous vessel (see the amorphe, a. amorphous. ) amorphie, /. amorphism. ampoule ; blister ; ampulla. a. deadened, etc. (see amortir). bromine funnel, dropping funnel. t. deaden; damp (vibrations) ; cantation, — à décanter, separating funnel. reduce in intensity, tone down, diminish, — à robinet, dropping funnel; separating attenuate, weaken; pay, pay for, liquidate, funnel. — compte-gouttes, medicine dropamortize. per. — de Crookes, Crookes tube. — de amortissable, a, capable of being deadened, garde, splash head.

Feeder. — à gaz, gas main. ) feed wire or cable, feeder. t. arterialize. artériel, artérieux, a. arterial. artériosclérose, /. ) arteriosclerosis. artésien, a. Artesian, arthrite, /. ) arthritis. artichaut, m. artichoke. — des Indes, sweet potato. — des toits, houseleek. article, m. article; joint; link; matter, subject. — chimique, chemical. — de fond, editorial, leader. —-pharmaceutique,drug. articles en caoutchouc, rubber goods. articulaire, a. artieular. articulation, /. articulation, joint, jointing.

Anate, /. annatto. anatomie, /. anatomy. anatomique, a. anatomical, anatomie. anatoxine, /. anatoxin, toxoid. 'anazotiqne, a. nonnitrogenous. anc, abbrev. (ancien) former, late, ex-, ancêtres, m. pi. ancestors, forefathers. anchois, m. anchovy. anchuse, /. ) any plant of the genus Anchusa, bugloss, oxtongue. anchusine, /. anchusin (alkannin). ancien, a. old ; ancient ; former, late, ex- ; old-fashioned. m. ancient; old person; senior, m. pi. (Mining) old workings. anciennement, adv. anciently, of old; former ly.

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