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By C. Allday, V. Puppe (auth.), Stefan Jackowski, Bob Oliver, Krzystof Pawałowski (eds.)

As a part of the clinical task in reference to the seventieth birthday of the Adam Mickiewicz college in Poznan, a world convention on algebraic topology was once held. within the ensuing lawsuits quantity, the emphasis is on colossal survey papers, a few provided on the convention, a few written subsequently.

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Ferry's definition was historically the second one and we briefly recall this approach following the description given in [2], §3. If denote by T(A) the mapping torus of A obtained from the mapping cylinder top and bottom of M(A) by means of the identity map. 1. Let u : S 1 --* S 1 be the homeomorphism given by the complex conjugation and B-1 the homotopy inverse to B . Denote by r(h) E WhG(T(A) ) the torsion of the G-homotopy equivalence h = B-lo(idx x u ) o B : T(A) --~ T(A). Definition [31],[2] An equivariant Ferry obstruction to finiteness is defined to be ~G(x) = B,(r(h)) ~ Whc(Xx s~).

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