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Таинственный и гениальныйнемецкий творец, чьи интересыне ограничивались только живописью или гравюрой. Альбрехт Дюрер был настоящим пророком германского Возрождения. Его кисть создавала портреты императоров и сочувствовала нищим крестьянам. Он создавал пушки и учил ландскнехтов, как правильно разрушать замки и крепости. И в то же время он вырезал на гравировальных досках изумительную серию офортов, проклинавших ужасы войны и всех гибельных для человечества напастей. Альбом с репродукциями великого Дюрера.

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I agree. : . . spread by jealous artists. : I shaved myself from the eyebrows. What you saw was me left behind. My eyebrows were twenty years ahead of me. : Mine were just bleached blond. : Can you tell me about any of your Asco performances? : The first one I remember was when I was jumped and crowbarred on McBride and Whittier Boulevard, then I walked bleeding to the Angeles Emergency which is no longer in existence on Arizona Street. The first one I did with Gronk was on Christmas Eve, , dealing with the different stages of the cross.

I’ll let someone else do it. Then I’ll say whether I agree or not. : How do you feel about people who use your murals without giving due credit? : They’re smart people. There’s also smarter people. 34 Three Interviews : I’ve always admired rip-off artists. : It’ll be their turn soon. : Sunday at six o’clock. : How would you compare your present work to the work you have done in the past? : My past is better than my work. I have more work than I do a past.

Photograph copyright Harry Gamboa Jr. : Good food and money. Sounds like the world! : In what way would you like to affect the people who view your work? : To buy it. : To steal it. : That we’re good and to like it. To want it. To write about it. Copy it. : To laugh about it. : To drink about it. : To get sick about it. : To say it’s worth it. : To play with it and pose with it. : To add things to it. : To have sex with it. To asco-ize it.

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