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In contract and Head Movement, Ian Roberts explores the implications of Chomsky's conjecture that head-movement isn't really a part of the slender syntax, the computational method that relates the lexicon to the interfaces. in contrast to different remedies of the topic that discard the concept that solely, Roberts's monograph keeps the middle instinct in the back of head-movement and examines to what quantity it may be reformulated and rethought. Roberts argues that the present notion of syntax needs to accommodate a species of head-movement, even supposing this operation differs a bit of in technical aspect and in empirical assurance from prior understandings of it. He proposes that head-movement is a part of the slim syntax and that it applies the place the target of an Agree relation is flawed, in a feeling that he defines.

Roberts argues that the theoretical prestige of head-movement is especially related -- in reality exact in numerous methods -- to that of XP-movement. hence head-movement, like XP-movement, will be considered as a part of slender syntax precisely to the level that XP-movement can be. If one point of minimalist theorizing is to dispose of pointless differences, then Roberts's argument will be visible as doing away with the excellence among "heads" and "phrases" on the subject of inner merge (and hence lowering the differences at the moment made among inner and exterior merge).

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Romance clitics either move on to T and m-merge with the verb there, or m-merge with the verb at v* and move to T with the verb as a complex head. 1). Furthermore, the clitic and the infinitive move over souvent as a unit in (8a), supporting the idea that m-merger takes place at v* (since, as Pollock (1989) shows, mainverb infinitives do not raise to T in French). Scandinavian object shift, however, does not involve m-merger, as the fact that the verb and the object remain syntactically separate, illustrated in examples like (6a), clearly shows.

Ledgeway (forthcoming) documents a case of this type in the Southern Italian dialect Cosentino, where historically presentindicative morphology has replaced present subjunctive, and the present-tense verb generally occupies a low position in the clause, allowing clitic-adverb-V orders, as we will see in chapter 3. However, where the verb is embedded in a volitional complement clause, a context where morphological subjunctive appears in Romance languages that have these forms, the verb systematically raises to a higher position.

GP [G H G] HP]] The conditions on m-merger are (i) that it applies to two heads; (ii) the two heads must be in a Spec-head relation; and (iii) the two heads must be adjacent. The consequence of m-merger is that the two heads become one for all further operations; these include further syntactic operations, 44 Chapter 3 meaning that [G H G] in the derived structure in (2) can move as a single head, as well as morphological and phonological operations. ’’ In particular, neither of the m-merged heads can move separately—that is, excorporation is impossible.

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