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By Hans H. Ørberg

Latin-English Vocabulary for Ørberg’s variation of books I and IV of Vergil’s Aeneid. See that ebook for additional information.

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Co-operative Extension Service The extra-mural programme of the land grant universities, established in 1914 in the Smith-Lever Act. The term ‘co-operative’ stems from the fact that the service is funded by a co-operative arrangement of federal, state and county funds. co-operative learning Small group of students working together to achieve a common goal. co-operative programme US equivalent of the sandwich course in the United Kingdom, where a student spends blocks of time in an educational institution and blocks in the workplace.

Credit course A course of study that is recognized for specific credit by an award-giving educational agency, such as a university. credit hour Unit of academic time used in American universities, eg a course may be worth three hours, which is usually equivalent to 30 hours of classroom time, not the time required to complete the course. credit transfer The ability to transfer credit gained in one educational context to another. One university will accept as creditworthy the courses followed in another, similar institution.

Composition 1. A completed piece of work. 2. An essay. comprehend To understand. comprehension 1. A process of understanding a phenomenon. Psychologists suggest that there are two aspects to this—interpretation and utilization of the phenomenon under consideration. 2. A form of test to assess whether learners have understood—used in language teaching. comprehension orientation An approach to studying in which the learner seeks to relate the ideas being learned to the wider society and actual life experience.

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