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By Gail Letzter, Kristin Lauter, Erin Chambers, Nancy Flournoy, Julia Elisenda Grigsby, Carla Martin, Kathleen Ryan, Konstantina Trivisa

Featuring the newest findings in subject matters from around the mathematical spectrum, this quantity comprises leads to natural arithmetic in addition to a number new advances and novel purposes to different fields reminiscent of likelihood, information, biology, and computing device technological know-how. All contributions function authors who attended the organization for ladies in arithmetic learn Symposium in 2015: this convention, the 3rd in a sequence of biennial meetings prepared through the organization, attracted over 330 individuals and showcased the study of ladies mathematicians from academia, undefined, and government.

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V ] in the four geometric compositions above are uniquely determined by [ x ], [ z ] . This proves injectivity of the projection in the geometric composition, and the same infinitesimal fact in the presence of a smooth structure also proves transversality of the intersection, thus embeddedness of the geometric compositions. 1]. 6. 2), φ(xi ) = zi ∀i ≥ 3 gr(Lφ ), where the intermediate point [ y ] = [(y1 , x˜ 2 , . . , x˜ g+n )] = [(y1 , z˜2 , . . , z˜g+n )] after permutation satisfies either z˜2 = y1 ∈ α, x˜ 2 = y1 ∈ β or y1 = y1 ∈ α β, πα−1 (x2 ) = πβ−1 (z2 ).

L(k−1)k ), given by a composable chain of Lagrangian submanifolds Lij ⊂ Mi− × Mj from M0 = M to Mk = N. The definition of composition in Symp yields the identity L = (L01 , . . , L(k−1)k ) = L01 # . . #L(k−1)k = [L01 ] ◦ . . ◦ [L(k−1)k ]. Since each [Lij ] is a simple morphism, this is the required decomposition of L into simple morphisms. To show that these decompositions are unique up to the given Cerf moves, note that an equality [L01 ] ◦ . . ◦ [L(k−1)k ] = [L01 ] ◦ . . ◦ [L(k −1)k ] in Mor Symp means by definition that the corresponding morphisms in Symp# are equivalent (L01 , .

G + n} → {1, . . , g + n}. On the complement of the diagonal Δ ⊂ Σ g+n (where two or more points coincide) this is a smooth quotient, but to obtain a global smooth structure it has to be viewed as the symmetric product of an algebraic curve. This requires the choice of a complex structure on Σ, and the symplectic structure is an additional choice—induced by the broken fibration in [53]—all of which we suppress here. , a cobordism from Σ to the empty set), which is obtained from handle attachments along a maximal number of disjoint attaching circles α1 , .

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