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Renaissance and Reform in Tudor England: The Careers of Sir Richard Morison (Oxford Historical Monographs)

Sir Richard Morison (c. 1513-1556) is better referred to as Henry VIII's so much prolific propagandist. but he was once additionally an comprehensive student, flesh presser, theologian and diplomat who used to be associated with the top political and spiritual figures of his day. regardless of his prominence, Morison hasn't ever bought an entire old therapy.

Greed and Injustice in Classical Athens

During this unique and profitable blend of highbrow and political background, Ryan Balot deals a radical historic and sociological interpretation of classical Athens situated at the idea of greed. Integrating historical philosophy, poetry, and background, and drawing on sleek political proposal, the writer demonstrates that the Athenian discourse on greed was once a vital part of Greek social improvement and political historical past.

Books on Fire: The Destruction of Libraries throughout History

A historic survey of the destruction of information from old Babylon and China to fashionable occasions

Includes the 3 separate destructions of the Library of Alexandria in addition to many both major collections round the world

Examines the motives of violence directed at repositories of information

Looks on the risks posed by means of digitalization of books to the loose availability of data within the future

Hebrew, Hindu, Nordic, and Islamic traditions proportion the assumption of an unlimited library latest earlier than the production of the area. The Vedas say that this library predated the creator’s construction of himself. but, nearly as outdated because the notion of the library is the urge to smash it. the explanations mentioned for this are many: trained everyone is a lot tougher to control, and a few proclaim that in basic terms the illiterate can store the area. There also are nice destructions caused by way of climate, worms, or even the paranoia of the library’s proprietor.

Books on hearth lines the background of this perpetual destruction from the burning of the nice library of Alexandria (on 3 separate events) and the libraries of the chinese language Qing Dynasty to extra smooth catastrophic losses reminiscent of these witnessed in Nazi-occupied Europe and the 2003 invasion of Iraq. the writer examines the factors for those mess ups, the treasures which have been misplaced, and the place the surviving books, if any, have ended up. His research additionally unearths a brand new possibility dealing with libraries this day with the digitalization of books threatening either the lifestyles of the actual paper booklet and the very thought of interpreting at no cost. The promise of an absolute library provided via the pc may end up to equivalent the worst nightmares of Ray Bradbury, Aldous Huxley, and George Orwell.

Books on fireplace obtained the 2004 Société des Gens de Lettres Prize for Nonfiction/History in Paris.

The Tears of Re: Beekeeping in Ancient Egypt

Based on Egyptian mythology, whilst the traditional Egyptian solar god Re cried, his tears became honey bees upon touching the floor. therefore, the honey bee was once sacrosanct in old Egyptian tradition. From the paintings depicting bees on temple partitions to using beeswax as a therapeutic ointment, the honey bee used to be a pervasive cultural motif in historical Egypt as a result of its connection to the solar god Re.

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Jerusalem was the perfect choice for an independent capital from where the king could bring the tribes of Israel and Judah under his central control. The Ark of the Covenant God had told Moses on the mountain in Sinai that the Israelites must build an Ark, a covered chest of acacia wood overlaid with gold, to serve as a mobile container for the Ten Commandments. Carried by the Israelites throughout their wanderings in the desert and over the river Jordan into the Promised Land, the Ark was the most sacred embodiment of their beliefs and represented the presence of God.

Among these is the Mishnah, ancient oral traditions set down in writing by rabbis around 200 BC, which mentions the Ark and other items from the First Temple being hidden by Jeremiah but not stating where. This is given support and amplification by the discovery in 1952 of the Copper Scroll among the Dead Sea scrolls at Qumran. Etched on the Copper Scroll is what is thought to be an inventory of treasures from the First Temple which are described as having been hidden in a desolate valley, under a hill on its east side, forty stones deep.

Two hundred and twenty bishops were in attendance, from Egypt and Syria in the East to Italy and Spain in the West. The divine nature of Jesus Christ was argued from both the Arian and Athanasian points of view, and when the bishops balloted on the issue, it was decided in favour of Athanasius by 218 votes to two. This Nicene Creed became the official position of the universal Church and remains the creed of both the Roman and Orthodox Churches to this day. The Nicene Creed Here is the text of the Creed as originally passed by the Council of Nicaea in 325.

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