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By Diane Marczely Gimpel

Thousands, even millions, of years earlier than Europeans arrived in North the USA, American Indians had made their houses right here. those many teams tailored to the various lands and climates of what could later turn into the us. each one workforce constructed its personal tradition and historical past.

When settlers from Britain, France, Spain, and Russia arrived, the rookies interacted with American Indians in numerous methods. a few engaged in exchange, whereas others attempted to enslave American Indian peoples or to take over their territories. Many conflicts arose because the diversified teams fought over land and assets. The colonization in their land replaced the lives of yankee Indians eternally.

Explore the historical past of the numerous American Indian peoples who predated the USA. tune the real occasions and turning issues that formed their cultures either ahead of and after the coming of eu explorers, investors, and colonists.

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1550 1545: A typhus epidemic brought to California by the Europeans kills many thousands of natives. 1560 In general, California tribes did not farm much. Instead, they hunted, fished, and gathered edible plants. The Chumash tied together planks to make boats for fishing and traveling. They lived in cone-shaped houses built of branches in central California and on islands off the coast. Farther inland, Pomo American Indians and other groups gathered acorns to survive. Women would take the kernels out of the acorns, dry them in the sun, and pound them into flour.

They even had a form of currency made from shells. Traders from different tribes communicated by using a special trading language known as Chinook Jargon. The language was based on a Chinookan language, but tribes all over the Pacific Coast spoke it. Chinook American Indians used dentalia shells as a form of currency. 1790 1795 1800 1792: Spain establishes the first nonnative settlement in what is now Washington State. British naval officer William Broughton sails the Columbia River and encounters the Chinook people.

Later, they took people to turn them into slaves. 1598: The Spanish create their first settlement in Pueblo territory and establish a North American capital in the area of what is now Sante Fe, New Mexico. 1600 1593–1630: Diseases brought by the Spanish devastate Southwest peoples. 1692: The Spanish regain control of the Pueblo. 1650 1600s: The Spanish first meet the Navajo. 1700 1680: The Pueblo people revolt against the Spanish and force the Spanish out of New Mexico. 37 California American Indians Some of the practices of Southwest cultures could be found in the neighboring California culture area to the west.

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