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Gods, the personified forces of nature, still required the same conveniences as man, but at a high level of subsis- — A tence befitting their divine status. statue of Gudea thus becomes a perpetual appeal to the god as well as a reminder of service rendered. The gods "delight in gifts"; they must be propitiated. This left the artist with the task of presenting the facts; a true likeness of the king, an expression of respect in a prayerful, devotional posture. Mesopotamian history is beset with invasions, conquests, reconquests, and the destruction that followed.

After Forrer, 25) Assyrian art on a larger scale is largely relief carving as represented in carved The wall 54-55]. panels [pp. Mesopotamian relief style achieved its greatest development in the carved alabaster panels that decorated the lower portion of courts and halls. The portals to these courts 42 A PICTORIAL HISTORY OF WESTERN ART were flanked by human-headed winged lions, mighty guardian spirits that combine man's intelligence (in the human heads) with the strength of animals (the backs of bulls and the paws of lions) [pp.

17 Facade of rock-cut temple of Abu Simbel, sandstone, ///. with four seated statues (colossi) of Ramesses II. H. of. ; of figures, 65 ft. Services des Antiquites, Cairo 32 A Head of Ramesses II, PICTORIAL HISTORY OF WESTERN ART statue to right of enetrance (III. 18) A man standing on the shoulder of Pharaoh would about reach to the top of his ear, which measures 3 1/2 feet in height. Breadth and a simplification of form, necessary for rough sandstone, does not permit the delicate modeling found in the black granite statue of Ramesses (111.

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