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Words with suffix + t u could be taken care of under Rule (D), env. (a). For words in + t a this suffix would have to be introduced in an additional environment in Rule D. , where we find evidence that the affix has two alternants: tad/ta, tud/tu, the second one occurring only when no other affix follows. We find it then not implausible to introduce a phonological rule deleting what follows the primarily stressed segment. This rule would reduce all type I, A words to type II (as far as stress is concerned) and in addition would predict the alternation.

The former includes all vowelsliquids whereas the latter includes consonants. The liquids have been classified with the vowels instead of the consonants because the resulting tree is more symmetric (and efficient). Furthermore all liquids and vowels are voiced, non-significantly. Consequently a simple rule can be formulated which assigns voice to [+vocalic] segments: the subset of liquids and vowels. (ii) CONSONANTALITY (ens). Consonantal sounds are accompanied by occlusion, or contact, in the oral cavity whereas non-consonantal sounds have a lesser degree of narrowing.

Vi) length/—length: pene, anelo, Pina, caro, roso, nono, fumo/ penne, anello, pinna, carro, rosso, nonno, fummo; ... (vii) voice/—voice: dopo/ topo, razzo/razza, bere/ pere, vano/ /ano, gallo/callo, iaggioj facc/o; (viii) nasal/—nasal: mano/ iano, gnocco/ sciocco, mare//are, mano/ vano; ... (ix) tense/—tense: e/ e, o/ ho, pero/ zero, coda/ moda,... 2. PHONOLOGICAL REDUNDANCY We face the problem of reducing to a minimum the amount of phonological information to be given in the lexicon. This is consistent with condition (1) (v) adopted in section 1.

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