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By Mark A. Noll

From the energetic severities of the 17th-century Pilgrims and Puritans to the ebullience of the televanglism age, the Christian adventure in North the United States is wealthy and sundry. Noll covers all of it during this marvelous narrative survey. Tracing the expansion of Christian trust and associations and their interactions with tradition within the U.S. and Canada from the colonial interval to the current, his strategy is huge and accomplished. Many biographical profiles upload a private measurement to the narrative.

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And it was a time of religious tumult and renewal. Henry VIII initiated the reformation of the English church in the 1 530s largely for personal political reasons. When his first wife, Catherine of Aragon, failed to bear him a male heir, he sought to divorce her in order to marry Anne Boleyn. When the Roman Catholic Church refused to accom­ modate him in this matter, he undertook a series of steps aimed at dissolving the ties between the papacy and the English church. It was not really Henry's intent to introduce ecclesiastical reform for its own sake, much less to introduce Protestant doctrine into the English church, but once it was set in motion, the English Reformation did in fact proceed to affect doctrine, personal devotion, public worship, and ecclesiastical organization.

From her new residence in Quebec, Marie took an active interest in the various Indian groups of the region and played a major part in wr iting grammars, liturgies, and catechisms in Huron and Algonquian for the native converts. She also wrote back thousands of letters to France in which she poured out her concern for her family in the old country and gave expression to a deep, mystical faith. By the time of her death she had been joined by several younger women in religious orders who continued her work.

They also remind us that by the 1 720s a Christian society had been founded in French Canada that looked very different from the forms of Protestant culture being established in the British colonies. Through the succeeding centuries Quebec's French­ Catholic culture remained an important counterpoint to the Protestant societies of North America and even to the more pluralistic Catholicism that eventually came to play such a large role in the United States and elsewhere in Canada. The "founding fathers " of Christianity in America included Brebeuf, Champlain, and Laval as well as those Protestant leaders whose names might be more familiar.

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