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By Javier Marías, Margaret Jull Costa

A guy marries a lady and after the honeymoon she commits suicide. thus, he marries her sister and has a son. the unconventional, which gained the Spanish Critics' Award, recounts the son's efforts to find the reality of that mysterious tragedy. via the writer of All Souls.


If Ranz has informed no lies to his son Juan, that's simply because Juan has requested no questions. but if Juan marries, and his spouse and father have issues to inform one another, drama follows. And Ranz's Read more...

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Opening A Heart So White at random, I quickly chance upon the following example: Luisa had suddenly become angry, but I couldn’t tell if it was because I hadn’t told her what I acknowledged I’d heard or if her anger was aimed at Guillermo, or perhaps at Miriam, or even at men in general, women have more of a community feeling than we do and often get angry with all men at the same time. 137) Most writers would have put something stronger – a colon or a dash – between ‘men in general’ and ‘women have more’.

Before that, with an automatic gesture, the father had turned off the tap in the basin, the cold tap, which had been turned full on. His daughter must have been crying when she stood before the mirror, unbuttoned her blouse, took off her bra and felt for her heart with the gun, because, as she lay stretched out on the cold floor of the huge bathroom, her eyes were still full of tears, tears no one had noticed during lunch and that could not possibly have welled up once she’d fallen to the floor dead.

Hesitant and confused, the mulatto woman looked up again, there was no doubt this time about the direction of her gaze, to my left, towards the balcony doors that had been flung open and the strong arms that were all I could see, a man’s long arms, a man in shirtsleeves, the white sleeves rolled up, the arms hairy, as hairy or even hairier than mine. I’d ceased to exist, I’d disappeared, I too was in shirtsleeves, I’d rolled my sleeves up when, some time before, I’d gone out to lean on the balcony, but now I’d disappeared because I was myself again, that is, because for her I was once more no one.

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