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This instruction manual is particularly beneficial and informative. It has relatively made learning the bible more straightforward and is helping me to appreciate the context of what i'm analyzing.

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G. the Orangian Industry on South Africa’s central plateau) detailed classification of Middle Stone Age assemblages is generally avoided: there are few long sequence sites and chronological controls, especially for open-air locations, are poor. Instead, four broadly successive stages are recognised. Dated by reference to the global oxygen isotope stage curve, they are: MSA 1 (stage 6); MSA 2 (stages 5e–5b, the Last Interglacial); the HOWIESON’S POORT (stages 5a/4); MSA 3 (stage 3). Within these stages assemblages vary widely in artefact morphology, core types and raw material.

Again it is widely distributed throughout the region and usually takes the form of simple LEVALLOISbased industries, for which there is a minimum radiocarbon date of uncal 33,400 ± 2500 BP at Bilma. At Adrar Bous and elsewhere in the Sahara the MSA is succeeded by the ATERIAN and this according to Tillet may have been associated with an Upper Ghazalian humid period immediately preceding the last glacial maximum at 18,000 BP. Since the Aterian at DAR ES-SOLTANE II and three other sites on the Moroccan coast is associated with anatomically modern man, it would be logical to assume that the same is true in the Sahara.

Areas of cool high grasslands AFRICA nd Nya Deloraine o R. Hyrax Hill Lanet Lake Njoro River Cave Nakuru Prolonged Drift Nderit Kariandusi Lake Elmenteita Gamble’s Cave Mount Eburru 40 km Lake Naivasha East Turkana L Lothagam A Magosi Lowasera Lake Turkana I 0 A Lake Albert A N D A i O G S U M Kibiro r Mubende Hill K i Bigo Urewe N Y A w Rusinga Mogadishu and Hafun (Opone) a Lake Lake Edward Nsongezi E k Ntusi Ishango S Z A I R E Chemagel Gogo Falls Victoria Katuruka Nyanza Bweranyange Bur Gavo Ngamuriak Kansyore Narosura Olorgesailie RWANDA Shanga Apis Rock Kabuye Nyarunazi Olduvai BURUNDI Manda Engaruka Gedi Mombasa Kwale Kolo Uvinza ny Lake Tan g a T A N Z A N I A Mtambe Mkuu Ras Mkumbuu PEMBA ZANZIBAR Unguja Ukuu ika INDIAN OCEAN Ivuna Kondoa Z 0 A M B I Isimila A 400 km Map 3 Africa, 3: East Major prehistoric sites in the region.

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