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By Vladimir V. Tkachuk

This fourth quantity in Vladimir Tkachuk's sequence on Cp-theory provides kind of whole assurance of the speculation of useful equivalencies via 500 rigorously chosen difficulties and routines. via systematically introducing all the significant themes of Cp-theory, the ebook is meant to convey a committed reader from easy topological ideas to the frontiers of recent learn. The publication provides entire and updated info at the renovation of topological houses through homeomorphisms of functionality areas. An exhaustive concept of t-equivalent, u-equivalent and l-equivalent areas is constructed from scratch. The reader also will locate introductions to the idea of uniform areas, the idea of in the community convex areas, in addition to the speculation of inverse structures and size idea. in addition, the inclusion of Kolmogorov's answer of Hilbert's challenge thirteen is integrated because it is required for the presentation of the idea of l-equivalent areas. This quantity includes crucial classical effects on practical equivalencies, particularly, Gul'ko and Khmyleva's instance of non-preservation of compactness by means of t-equivalence, Okunev's approach to developing l-equivalent areas and the concept of Marciszewski and Pelant on u-invariance of absolute Borel sets.

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If L and M are linear spaces, a map f W L ! y/ for all x; y 2 L and ˛; ˇ 2 R. The linear topological spaces M and L are linearly homeomorphic if there exists a linear map f W L ! M which is a homeomorphism. Given a linear space L, a function p W L ! x/ for all x; y 2 L and ˛ 2 R. x/. x/ ¤ 0. x/ D infft > 0 W xt 2 Ag for any x 2 L. , for any distinct x1 ; : : : ; xn 2 H and 1 ; : : : ; n 2 R, the equality 1 x1 C : : : C n xn D 0 implies i D 0 for all i Ä n) and the linear span of H is equal to L.

152. 153. 154. 155. 156. 157. 158. 159. 160. 161. 162. 163. g, where Yi is closed in Y and dim Yi D 0 for every i 2 !. Give an example of a compact (and hence normal) space X such that dim X D 0 while dim Y > 0 for some Y X. Give an example of a Tychonoff space X such that dim X D 0 and dim Y > 0 for some closed Y X. Let X be a normal space with dim X Ä n. Given a subspace Y X , suppose that, for every open U Y , there exists an F -set P such that Y P U. Prove that dim Y Ä n. Prove that, for any perfectly normal space X , we have dim Y Ä dim X for any Y X .

Observe that the same conclusion about Y may be false if Y is not a -space. 286. X / ! Y / be a continuous linear surjection. Prove that, if X is -compact then Y is also -compact. Observe that the same conclusion about Y may be false if Y is not a -space. 287. X / be the family of all compact subspaces of X . M / ! F / P . 288. Y /. Prove that, if X is Cech-complete then Y is ˇ also Cech-complete. In particular, if two second countable spaces X and Y are ˇ l-equivalent then X is Cech-complete if and only if so is Y .

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