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By Winnie Cheng

The publication is the 1st to use David Brazil’s Discourse Intonation structures (prominence, tone, key and termination) to the examine of a corpus of real, naturally-occurring spoken discourses. The Hong Kong Corpus of Spoken English (prosodic) is made of nearly a million phrases which includes 4 sub-corpora of equivalent dimension, particularly educational, dialog, enterprise and public. The contributors are all adults and usually have both Cantonese or English as their first language. The 4 Discourse Intonation structures are defined by way of how the approach works and the way they're manifested within the corpus, either around the sub-corpora and likewise throughout audio system within the corpus. The publication is followed with a CD containing the prosodically transcribed corpus including iConc that's the software program designed and written in particular to interrogate the HKCSE (prosodic). the problems raised and mentioned are all of value in dialog research, Corpus Linguistics, Discourse research, Discourse Intonation, Pragmatics, and Intercultural communique.

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I’VE> [ < alREAdy > ] } { = i’ve already [ < GOT > ] my } { \ [ BOARding ] 3. < _ PASS > } { = actually i need to [ < PAY > ] my } { \ airport [ < _ TAX > ] } 4. a: { \ oh you are a [ TRANsit ] < PASsengers > } * { \/ [ < RIGHT > ] } 5. B: ** { = [ < WELL > ] } { \ [ < 6. YEAH > ] } 7. a: { = [ < oKAY > ] } { \ so since you [ HAVE ] the boarding CARD < alREAdy > } 8. * { \ you can [ PAY ] the < TAX > } {? at the [ OPposite ] CHECK in < 9. B: ** { = [ < YEAH > ] } 10. 6 The transcription of B025 typed up using the iConc notation system The notation described above was both computer keyboard- and reader-friendly.

12). The hearer then assigns communicative value to either key or termination in the local context. : 65). : 50). The selection of key projects the speaker’s assumption about the hearer’s expectations as the talk unfolds. High key, for example, has contrastive implications, and may show surprise, pleasure, annoyance, alarm, and so on in the local context. : 45). High key adds an increment of meaning that “this tone unit has a denial of expectation relations to what has preceded” (Brazil 1997: 75-84; Cauldwell 2007).

The following describes and exemplifies, with a service encounter at the Hong Kong airport (B025), the various stages of the notation used in HKCSE (prosodic). 2 the orthographic transcription of B025. Chapter 3. Transcribing the Hong Kong Corpus of Spoken English (HKCSE)  Simultaneous utterances Non-linguistic features Indecipherable utterances A short, untimed pause Speakers identified by letters Lower case letters Upper case letters [ ((pause)), ((cough)), ((telephone rings)), etc. 4 shows the handwritten prosodic transcription of B025.

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