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By Martin Gayford

“Sumptuously illustrated, this radiant quantity encapsulates what it actually potential to be a visible artist.” ―Booklist

David Hockney’s exuberant paintings is very praised and greatly celebrated―he is likely to be the world’s preferred residing painter. yet he's additionally whatever else: an incisive and unique philosopher on art.

This re-creation features a revised advent and 5 new chapters which hide Hockney’s construction seeing that 2011, together with arrangements for the larger photo exhibition held on the Royal Academy in 2012 and the making of Hockney’s iPad drawings and plans for the convey. a tricky interval the exhibition’s large good fortune, marked first by way of a stroke, which left Hockney not able to talk for an extended interval, by means of the vandalism of the artist’s Totem tree-trunk, and the tragic suicide of his assistant presently thereafter. Escaping the gloom, in spring 2013 Hockney moved again to L.A. a couple of months later, Martin Gayford visited Hockney within the L.A. studio, the place the fully-recovered artist used to be not easy at paintings on his Comédie humaine, a chain of full-length pix painted within the studio.

The conversations among Hockney and Gayford are punctuated by way of remarkable and revealing observations on different artists―Van Gogh, Vermeer, and Picasso between them―and enlivened by way of wise insights into the contrasting social and actual landscapes of Yorkshire, Hockney’s birthplace, and California. 181 illustrations, 154 in colour

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But I was always interested in their perspective. MG What about what most people call ‘perspective’ – that is, linear perspective, which is supposed to have been invented by Filippo Brunelleschi in early fifteenth-century Florence? DH Linear perspective is a law of optics, so he couldn’t have invented it. Boyle didn’t invent Boyle’s law. He was describing something that was there. A scientific law isn’t invented; it’s discovered. MG But for you, is it a scientific law not a law of art? DH I have said that perhaps the big mistakes of the West were the introductions of the external vanishing point and the internal combustion engine.

MG Trees are the stars of much of your recent work. Why the fascination? DH Trees are the largest manifestation of the life-force we see. No two trees are the same, like us. We’re all a little bit different inside, and look a little bit different outside. You notice that more in the winter than in the summer. They are not that easy to draw, especially with foliage on them. If you are not there at the right time, it is difficult to see the shapes and volumes in them. At midday, you can’t do that.

In the original version, they used Stravinsky’s The Rite of Spring for one section. But they didn’t get what Stravinsky’s music was about – they used dinosaurs trampling about. It struck me that the Disney people had been in southern California for too long. They had forgotten northern Europe and Russia, where you go from winter to everything forcing itself up through the earth. That is the force in Stravinsky: not dinosaurs pushing down, nature coming up! MG Did you just decide one day to settle here?

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