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By Paul Andrews

This publication is a short learn choked with Spooky proof on Halloween. are you aware the place the identify comes from? What occurs if a bat flies over your place 3 times? discover those proof and extra during this ebook!

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It is said that witches cats are normally black, and that they protect the witches from other forces It is said that about 99% of all pumpkins sold at this time of year are made into lanterns It is said that the number 13 is very unlucky... They say that ringing a bell will scare evil spirits away It is said that if you put your clothes on inside out and try walking backwards you might meet a witch It is said that you must always finish a journey on Halloween before sunset.... It is believed that ‘bad things’ like witches cannot cross a line of salt, so use it to keep them out!

It is believed that ‘bad things’ like witches cannot cross a line of salt, so use it to keep them out! It is said that seeing a spider on this might, is actually the spirit of a dead loved one watching over you Originally the meaning of the trick in ‘trick of treat’ did mean the child would perform a trick for the home owner In the USA in modern times, around $3billion is spent on Halloween costumes every year Often the most popular costume for adults at this time is that of a witch, with a vampire coming second Often the most popular costume for kids at this time of year is a princess, with a witch coming second The word witch comes from the old English term of meaning “wise women” The fear of Halloween is called “Samhnainophobia” It is said if you hear an owl call out on this night it means someone is about to die.....

Before trick or treating, another practise was ‘souling’ in which people went knocking door to door offering prays for the dead and often receiving ‘soul cakes’ from the home owners Ireland is believed to by the very first place to celebrate and the birthplace of Halloween The scarecrow which is often seen at Halloween is said to be based on the harvest roots of the celebration The total spend in the USA alone for Halloween is in excess normally of $6billion Halloween is believed to have been around in one form or another for around 6000 years In China they celebrate Halloween with the “Lantern Festive”, in which lanterns in the shape of dragons and other animals are hang around the home In Hong Kong it is known as the “Festival of the hunger ghosts” and food is left out for the spirits People often wear masks on Halloween which they believe will stop the spirits of the dead from recognising them Halloween is second only to Christmas as the most successful commercially celebrated festival The celebrated magician Harry Houdini died on Halloween in 1926 The name “pumpkin” originally comes from the Greek word “pepon,” which means a large melon.

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